Help Us Sound Proof The Shelter

barking dogsStevens-Swan Humane Society needs your help to raise the funds to purchase sound proof ceiling tiles to sound proof the shelter.

The moment you step foot into the shelter you are greeted with a lot of loud barking. With multiple dog housing areas, sounds of barking can be heard echoing throughout the building. One small bark in the front of the building sends all 80 dogs in our care into quite the outburst. As you can imagine 80 dogs barking can be deafening. Not to mention the disruption of the nearly 200 cats in our care at any given time.

It is rather overwhelming for our visitors as well. The effects of the animals living in such a loud environment causes a lot of stress, GI upset and behavioral issues. Which in return, leads to longer stays at the shelter, increased medical costs, additional training needed, and the delay of adoptions.

The upgraded environment will also better the experience of our adopters and increase adoptions! The sound proofing of our shelter will greatly improve the environment for not only the animals in our care but for the staff and potential adopters alike!

Help Us Sound Proof The Shelter By Donating Below