Sunday, May 10, 2020

Picture of the animal:

Animal: Cat
Breed: Short Hair
Gender: Male
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Color/Special Markings: black and white – 4 white paws; slender build, long thin tail; underbelly completely white; back is black withslight white circle on back – looks like someone put an overflowing glass of milk on his back and it left a milk ring; black forehead and ears, black nose with slight line of pink near mouth, toes are both pink and black on same foot; muscular; still growing kitten. Kitten has been vaccinated and is current on all vaccinations. Vet: Marcy Vet Clinic, River Road, Marcy.
Wearing collar/tags?: No
Colors/Description: black & white; black upper body, white under body, white paws, black nose, very thin and bony tail
Microchipped/tattooed?: No
Number: (315) 732-4063
Size/Weight estimate: 9lbs
Area where lost, exact street if known: 525 Keyes Road, Utica
Date lost: Monday, May 4, 2020
Owners Name: Chet Senius
Contact Phone Number: (315) 732-4063
Additional Info: Weasel was a stray brought in the house as small kitten in Nov. when its mother was hit by a car and killed. Indoor cat since then. Outside area was limited to enclosed back yard. It must have jumped the fence to escape. Have circulated posters in the neighborhood and can send you one (.pdf) if you want one. Kitten belongs to my Dad- Chet – he’s 87 years old and his blood pressure has been elevated since the kitten turned up missing. Have posted info on Facebook and have checked out leads on Parklane Drive, near Deerfield Place apts, El Dorado drive and others. Am continuing to check feeding areas for local feral cats.